Industrial areas and business opportunities in South-East Estonia

Logistics options


Estonia has all prerequisites to be the logistic centre of Northern Europe, being surrounded by a market of 300 million people. By using the local logistics companies, distribution centres, industrial parks and infrastructure it is possible to get from Estonia to all consumers within just 48 hours.

Võru County is therefore located at the most favourable place for international logistics business.

Tallinn-Tartu-Luhamaa highway and the international transport corridors – Via Estica, the Riga-Pskov highway and Riga-St. Petersburg railway – are Estonia’s main channels of transportation and logistics. There is also the Estonian-Russian border crossing point at Luhamaa and Tartu Airport is located nearby.

At the moment there are two service providers (Collade OÜ and Association of Estonian International Road Carriers) operating in the immediate vicinity of the border and providing services directly connected to border crossing.


Estonian transport enterprises freight transport statistics (2013), one thousand tons.
Source: Statistics Estonia

All this creates a strong basis for the development of transport and logistics. No cargo will ever get stuck in Võru County!

Fast transport of goods in Võru County is ensured by OÜ Plangi Trans, OÜ Võru Trans and Haugas Transport OÜ.

An outstanding example of the sector:

OÜ Plangi Trans

OÜ Plangi Trans

The freight forwarding and transportation company OÜ Plangi Trans was established in 1997. Its main activities are domestic and international transportation services, and conducting international transport to almost all European countries. In addition, OÜ Plangi Trans provides truck and car purchase, sale, repair and maintenance services.

OÜ Plangi Trans provides employment for 65 people, and the company owns 70 trucks.

The company has been a member of the Association of Estonian International Road Carriers since the year 2000 and, as of the year 2003 has held a TIR authorization.

The turnover of OÜ Plangi Trans in 2013 was 2.95m euros.
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