Industrial areas and business opportunities in South-East Estonia

Metal and machinery industry


For years now, the metal industry has held a leading role in the economies of Estonia and Võru County. In the whole country there are more than one thousand businesses operating in that field, and over 11,000 people are working in the industry.

According to the Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communication, a continuing growth of workloads in the metal industry is predicted. The main contributing factor in that is export. In 2012 a total of 55% of metal products were exported, and the main exort products were metal constructions.


Sales and export of metal industry
Source: Statistics Estonia

The machine industry is also on the rise as in 2013 its sales volume exceeded the frontier of 300 million euros. The main contributing factors are the external markets and export. According to the estimates of the Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communication and the Estonian Ministry of Finance, the sales to the domestic market will increase.

There are about 150 small and medium machinery and equipment producers in Estonia and the machine industry is present in almost every part of the country.

Lifting and transferring apparatus exported to various European (including Scandinavian), American and Asian countries, staff and repair vehicles for European racing teams, are produced in Võru County.

The biggest companies representing the metal industry are AS Rauameister, AS Lapi MT, AS VG Holding, and AS Võru Hallid.

An outstanding example of the sector:



Rauameister, owned by the Finnish investors, has been operating since 1996. The fast growing metal processing company’s manufacturing capacities have grown constantly, and at the moment they have a manufacturing range that includes welding, metal sandblasting, colouring, and assembling units.

The company has many foreign partners from different locations and its main products are wood waste, peat and lime conveyor chains for wood processing and energy companies. The products are of good quality and are also valued outside Estonia. The company also co-operates with big manufacturers of conveyor chains like Raumaster Oy, Foster Wheeler Co., and Andritz Oy.

AS Rauameister has been exporting its production to various European, American and Asian countries. Its turnover in 2012 was 7.2 million euros and the profit was 0.84 million euros. Almost 100 people are employed by AS Rauameister.
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