Industrial areas and business opportunities in South-East Estonia

Plastics industry


In today’s economic system, the plastics industry has an increasing role to play. During the last decade the industry, including in Estonia, has gone through a rapid development in terms of technology and marketing, and as a result the services provided here are the best in the Baltic States.

All the main plastic processing techniques such as injection moulding, film and profile extrusions, pneumatic moulding, rotational moulding, vacuum forming, machining, moulding foam products and reinforced plastic products are represented in Estonia.

The Estonian rubber and plastics industry consists of nearly 200, mainly small and medium sized, companies. The most successful of these are the ones that stay flexible, using modern technology and valuing external marketing. The future of the industry is very closely connected to exports and at the present day most of the production is exported too. According to Statistics Estonia, the export of plastic and plastic products has shown a rapid growth in a period of four years – from 226.8 million in 2010 to 307 million in 2013.


Sales and export of the plastic industry
Source: Statistics Estonia

The production capabilities of Võru County are, for example, used for Bombardier snowmobiles and the train seats of the Finnish state railway trains. The elastomer plough blades that are produced in Võru County are helping to keep roads in Estonia, Scandinavia and other European countries clean from snow during wintertime; and the plastic windows produced are sold successfully in the European markets.

The largest companies in Võru County, representing the plastics industry, are Estelaxe OÜ, Polüpakend OÜ and Rehpol AS.

An outstanding example of the sector:

Estelaxe OÜ

The company was established in 2008 and is based entirely on private capital. This relatively new company grew out from a recognized metal process ing company, Lapi MT.

Estelaxe OÜ started out as a producer of upholstery, but nowadays they produce different plastic products including ABS, polyurethane products and performing HDPE vacuum forming. Besides elastomer they also use flexible polyurethane foam and plastic that is used to produce snowplough blades, head and backrests, seats for trains and snowmobiles, pillows and matrasses.

The products are used, for example, by the Estonian army and the Finnish state railways.

There are 35 people employed by Estelaxe and 95% of its production is exported to Finland. In 2013 the turnover of the company was 2.3 million euros, and the profit was 0.1 million euros.
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