Industrial areas and business opportunities in South-East Estonia

Larger companies


Wood and furniture industry

An outstanding example of the sector:


The second biggest sawmills in Estonia and the third biggest in the Baltic States
belong to a Swedish owned company. They produce, for example, both pine and
spruce lumber from which earthquake proof houses in Japan; houses, scaffolding and
furniture in North-Africa; building constructions in Europe; window scantlings and door
components; and glulam beams for buildings and bridges manufactured in Estonia, are

AS Toftan was founded in 1995, a year when a second hand piece of sawmilling
equipment was brought from Toftan village in Middle Sweden to Sõmerpalu parish
in South-Estonia and was set up into an old potato storage facility. As a result of
investments and years of work the sawmill, initially producing 35,000m³ lumber in
Sweden, has become a strong player in the sawmill industry. In 2012 the production
output of lumber reached up to 200,000m³. The customers of AS Toftan are wood
processing industries in Estonia and in 24 other countries all around the world.

There are 125 people employed and the turnover of 2013 was 42.5m euros, with a
profit of 5.8m euros. A total of 53% of the sales came from export.
+372 782 7800

Other successful businesses:

AS Barrus

AS Barrus

Contact:, +372 785 0700,
Business area: laminated wood material production for door and window manufacturers.
Employees: 185
Turnover/profit (2012): €20.5m/€1.9m
Export markets: Netherlands, United Kingdom, France, Japan, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Germany and Poland.

AS Wermo

AS Wermo

Contact:, +372 786 8115,
Business area: manufacturing furniture. The main production is veneered, laminated and compressed (MDF) panelled materials. The solid wood materials used in production are birch, oak and pine.
Employees: 61
Turnover/profit (2013): €2m/€0.11m
Export markets: Sweden, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania and England.


Anro PT OÜ

Contact: , +372 786 4758,
Business area: the production of birch and oak wood details for the upholstery industry.
Employees: 30
Turnover/profit (2012): €1.29m/€0.07m
Export markets: Finland, Lithuania and Latvia.

Antsla-Inno AS

Business area: the production of upholstered furniture.
Employees: 204
Turnover/profit (2013): €13.56m/€0.17m
Export markets: Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Slovakia and Bulgaria.

Food industry

An outstanding example of the sector:


Cristella VT OÜ

Cristella VT OÜ is the largest producer of frozen bakery products in the Ba ltic States, as well as the biggest provider of jobs in Võru. Therefore, Võru can be considered the bakery capital of Estonia and the whole Baltics.

The key to success is constant development. The first line for frozen bakery products was installed at the factory in autumn 2004, and the sales of froze n bakery products to Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Finland began. In addition, a modern line for making frozen buns was installed in December 2010.

Constant development and a future-oriented mind-set means that the company is always open for new ideas, and implements these into production based on the taste preferences of the Nordic people. The fast-growing number of consumers of Cristella products is a real proof of it.

There are about 200 people working for Cristella VT OÜ and in 2013 5,805,780 kg of bakery products were produced. The turnover of Cristella VT OÜ was 15.3m euros.
+372 786 6800

Other successful businesses:


Valio Eesti AS

Contact: , +372 628 5700,
Business area: the production of dairy products.
Employees: 350
Turnover/Profit (2013): €76.48m/€1.95m
Export markets: USA, Germany, Belgium and Denmark.


Arke Lihatööstus AS

Contact: , +372 787 0514,
Business area: the production of pork and beef products, and catering.
Employees: 110
Turnover/Profit (2013): €8.7m/€0.5m
Export markets: Finland and Switzerland.

Linda Nektar

AS Linda Nektar

Contact: , +372 785 5768,
Business area: the production of unpacked apple and pear wine, and cider for beverage industries.
Employees: 13
Turnover/Profit (2013): €3.66m/€0.82m
Export markets: Latvia, Lithuania, Finland and Denmark.


Taarapõllu Talu OÜ (Edgar Kolts FIE)

Contact: info@taarapõ , +372 5919 0227, www.taarapõ
Business area: cultivation and processing of organic fruits, berries and vegetables.
Employees: 6
Turnover (2012): €0.44m
Export markets: Finland, Denmark, Latvia, Russia, Belgium and Sweden.

Metal and machinery industry

An outstanding example of the sector:



Rauameister, owned by the Finnish investors, has been operating since 1996. The fast growing metal processing company’s manufacturing capacities have grown constantly, and at the moment they have a manufacturing range that includes welding, metal sandblasting, colouring, and assembling units.

The company has many foreign partners from different locations and its main products are wood waste, peat and lime conveyor chains for wood processing and energy companies.

The products are of good quality and are also valued outside Estonia. The company also co-operates with big manufacturers of conveyor chains like Raumaster Oy, Foster Wheeler Co., and Andritz Oy.

AS Rauameister has been exporting its production to various European, American and Asian countries. Its turnover in 2012 was 7.2 million euros and the profit was 0.84 million euros. Almost 100 people are employed by AS Rauameister.
+372 782 6716

Other successful businesses:

AS Lapi MT

AS Lapi MT

Contact:, +372 786 8640,
Business area: the production of metal products, equipment and constructions.
Employees: 50
Turnover/Profit (2013): €1.55m/€0.08m
Export markets: Finland and Sweden.


VG Holding AS

Contact:, +372 782 0626,
Business area: electroplating of metal surfaces (zinc-plating, anodizing, electro polishing and black oxidizing)
Employees: 12
Turnover/Profit (2013): €0.37m/€0.09m
Export markets: Latvia and Russia.

võru hallid

AS Võru Hallid

Contact: , +372 783 0720,
Business area: the production and installation of steel modules and constructions; and sale of steel profiles.
Employees: 20
Turnover/Profit (2013): €0.67m/€0.03m

Logistics options

An outstanding example of the sector:

OÜ Plangi Trans

OÜ Plangi Trans

The freight forwarding and transportation company OÜ Plangi Trans was established in 1997. Its main activities are domestic and international transportation services, and conducting international transport to almost all European countries. In addition, OÜ Plangi Trans provides truck and car purchase, sale, repair and maintenance services.

OÜ Plangi Trans provides employment for 65 people, and the company owns 70 trucks.

The company has been a member of the Association of Estonian International Road Carriers since the year 2000 and, as of the year 2003 has held a TIR authorization.

The turnover of OÜ Plangi Trans in 2013 was 2.95m euros.
372 786 8693

Other successful businesses:

Võru trans

OÜ Võru Trans

Contact:, +372 782 8277,
Business area: international freight.
Employees: 91
Turnover (2013): €4.15m
Export markets: Germany, Finland, Austria and Russia.


Haugas Transport OÜ

Contact:, +372 504 1035,
Business area: international freight.
Employees: 32
Turnover/Profit (2013): €1.96m/€0.06m
Export markets: Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Austria and Hungary.

Plastics industry

An outstanding example of the sector:

Estelaxe OÜ

The company was established in 2008 and is based entirely on private capital. This relatively new company grew out from a recognized metal process ing company, Lapi MT.

Estelaxe OÜ started out as a producer of upholstery, but nowadays they produce different plastic products including ABS, polyurethane products and performing HDPE vacuum forming. Besides elastomer they also use flexible polyurethane foam and plastic that is used to produce snowplough blades, head and backrests, seats for trains and snowmobiles, pillows and matrasses.

The products are used, for example, by the Estonian army and the Finnish state railways.

There are 35 people employed by Estelaxe and 95% of its production is exported to Finland. In 2013 the turnover of the company was 2.3 million euros, and the profit was 0.1 million euros.
+372 505 2877

Other successful businesses:

Polüpakend OÜ

Contact:, +372 785 5211,
Business area: the production of packaging of different purposes and constructions.
Employees: 13
Turnover/Profit (2013): €1.08m/€0.08m
Export markets: Latvia, Lithuania and Finland.


RehPol AS

Contact:, +372 600 3737,
Business area: the production of PVC profile plastic windows and doors; and the production of wooden and wood-aluminium windows.
Employees: 30
Turnover/Profit (2012): €1.9m/€0.2m
Export markets: Sweden, Finland, Norway, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany and Russia.

Light industry

An outstanding example of the sector:

AS Abris

AS Abris

The history of Võru footwear factory goes back to the beginning of the previous century, when a tannery was established in the city. The factory has been called AS Abris since 1993, and it has been engaged in footwear manufacturing since 1960.

The company is constantly improving to meet the needs of the actual users and work environments; the result is durable, comfortable and high quality footwear.

Quality natural genuine leather, certified safety elements, and modern comfortable materials are used. A wide range of working and safety footwear is offered. There are over 100 articles from slippers to boots, and many of them are CE marked safety footwear and are certified in the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health.

In addition, Abris exports footwear to the Scandinavian market, meaning that shoes bought in Finland might have been born in a Võru factory.
+372 782 4040