Industrial areas and business opportunities in South-East Estonia


Väimela industrial area that is located in the immediate proximity of Võru is especially welcoming companies operating in the wood, metal, construction material and machinery industries.

The technology laboratory of Võru County Vocational Training Centre, where students acquire practical skills in mechatronics, information technology, cleaning services, as well as processing wood and metal, is located nearby. The technology laboratory is regularly used for teaching. The Estonian Ministry of Education and Research is planning a further expansion of the vocational training centre into the immediately nearby plots.

The total size of Väimela industrial area is 27.5 ha and it is situated on a flat land which is perfect for improvement. The area is founded on a territory that once was a farm. There are 19 plots with a total area of 191,564 m². The sizes of the plots vary from 5,000 m² up to 28,000 m².

The industrial area is bordered in the west by Võru-Põlva highway which has excellent surfacing and is wide enough for the transportation of industrial products.

Other companies in Võru Parish
Total number of companies: 1180
Areas of operation: wholesale and retail, construction, metal industry, agriculture, forestry, food industry, plastics industry, logistics, furniture industry and many more.

In addition, the area is in immediate proximity to AS Rauameister, a company that produces metal constructions. Koido Tootmine OÜ, a company that produces concrete and concrete details, is located approximately a kilometre away.

Väimela’s advantages

  • Good substrate for construction
  • Good condition of the communication networks and development possibilities
  • Proximity and availability of the workforce
  • The capacity (1MW) of the Koolmeisteri (10/0m4kV) substation
  • Proximity of an artesian well (debit 4.2l/s)

Head of Võru Parish 2014, Georg Ruuda:
“There are over one thousand enterprises in Võru Parish which could be useful for your business. The local partners and international plans will make your investment grow.”