Industrial areas and business opportunities in South-East Estonia


Võrusoo is located in the largest town, Võru, and is part of a well-functioning industrial area where several large companies, such as Wermo, a furniture producer, and Valio, a food producer, operate. All important factories in the town are nearby and the industrial area is developing rapidly. The development is enabled by good workforce and suitable infrastructure which are available for those starting a business.

First and foremost, Võrusoo industrial area welcomes enterprises operating in the food, electronics, and textile industries.

The total size of the industrial area is 39.4 ha and there are 32 plots with a total area of 220,360 m². The sizes of plots vary, starting from 4,000 m² and reaching up to 20,000 m².

Other companies in Võru City:
Total number of companies: 900
Areas of operation: wholesale and retail, construction, metal industry, agriculture, forestry, food industry, plastics industry, logistics, furniture industry and many more.

Võrusoo´s advantages:

  • Availability of good workforce
  • Good condition of the communication networks
  • Well-developed utility services
  • Heat pipeline project and proximity of the boiler plant
  • Good location in the centre
  • Municipality favouring business activities

Mayor of Võru, Anti Allas, 2014
“Võrusoo industrial area is located in a selfestablished industrial site, and the companies operating there can make use of the infrastructure of the biggest town in the region, qualified workforce, and the determined people.”